What Have We Done?!

From Marylu

Alan said I’m not allowed to edit his drafts but can address his comments in my own notes. Maybe that’s why I waited until he started so I could “correct the record”.

It seems my thoughts run in a few directions:  Sentimental, practical and journaling.

The reflections on what we could have done better will likely amuse those of you who know us; perhaps enlighten those of you who will face the daunting task of selling your home; or bore those of you that can say:  “Been there.  Done that. Or, We’ll never will do that.”

The Sentimental:  Thank you to our families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances met in our daily lives.  We’re going to miss seeing you as often as we’d like but will enjoy future times together even more.  I was blessed over the years to work with my wonderful daughter.  We’re looking forward to using FaceTime or Skype or some technological trick to stay in touch.  We use messaging and the phones, but adding the visual will be terrific.  That’s enough for the sentimental  for now.

Home in Eden Prairie
Home in Eden Prairie

The Practical:  Alan started with after the house was sold – HA!!!  This process started in April 2014 with the pre-sale and is just winding down.  Face it, if you are an empty-nester – start downsizing now!!! (I can’t use enough exclamation points in this section!)  The time will come when you will be moving and, trust me, you can’t start too soon!!!!

  • If you have children, give them their possessions right away – no give backs.
  • Treasured mementos from: your childhood, your children’s childhood, your birthdays and anniversaries, your parents, your other relatives and friends, etc., decide which things you really do love and would be lost without.  Donate, return, re-gift, sell and pitch; then, organize the rest.  In a year, go through the things you kept and try downsizing even more.
  • Stop buying things that will just add to the piles you have to sort through in the future.  Buy what you love and will use.  (Of course, secondhand is a great way to purchase many items you will donate or discard in the future.)  Develop the mentality which prepares you for packing up and moving on.

That’s enough of the Practical for now.  If you’re hooked on this topic, trust me – there will be more including:  Garage/moving sales, how to handle bills, mail, prescriptions, taxes, photos, maps, reservations, getting the house ready to sell, and more – good grief!

The Journaling:  Now that we’ve settled into our temporary home, I appreciate the time we’re spending in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  (It was fun telling people this was our first destination as travelers.)

Sioux Falls Home...and so it begins...
Home in Sioux Falls…and so it begins

Knowing of the many details that had to be completed once we moved out of the house, we wisely planned time to attend to them and to relax and enjoy the beginning of our adventures.  We haven’t done much sightseeing yet, but have gotten around the city without being too terribly lost.  Of course, Gypsy (our name for GPS in the car) has assisted from time to time.  Oh, Alan named our Nissan Rogue – “Gypsy Rogue Lee”.  If you get how clever that was, please comment.

In response to Alan’s first blog – I never called him an “idiot” during the garage sale pricing, maybe I wanted to.  Maybe that will be in the next blog.


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

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