Roots (Branson)

From Marylu – 11-11-15

People want to hear about which is the biggest change we’ve made. I’d say leaving the familiar behind has been tough. Although we consider ourselves “homeless”, I’ve discovered that my roots are my home. Family, friends and acquaintances, they are my roots, my home. Making connections with people as we travel is fun; but, I miss seeing the people we know. And that leads to the second biggest change…

Technology. Fogeys that we are, we have been forced to embrace it and blessed to have it. In addition to being homeless, we are also trying to be paperless. Who wants to carry around stacks (pounds) of paper. It’s no surprise that most of the trash we leave behind, actually try to recycle, includes lots of paper. Thank heavens for cell phones, GPS, digital cameras, the internet, and all the websites that have gotten us from there to here!

Currently, here is Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. First though, I would like to share some bits about Branson that Alan left out.

Branson at Sunset
Branson at Sunset

Golf courses, after all, we brought the clubs so we’d better use them. And, use them we did at Thousand Hills Golf Course in Branson! The name tells just part of the story. It’s more like: Thousands of Hills, Bunkers, Water Hazards and Trees Golf Challenge. During the final 4 or 5 holes on the course, we played our own version of best ball, not only to speed up play but to conserve on balls. In addition to course challenges, we had to adjust to Daylight Savings Time and beat the shadows of the “early” sunset. The first course we played, Point Royal, was merely a warm up to Thousands of Hills.

Gotta Get Up and Over Those Rocks!
Gotta Get Up and Over Those Rocks!

We did spend some time at the Branson home in our one-bedroom condominium enjoying the nice deck and the hot tub. Since we’re really not on “vacation”, we try to cook at home as much as possible. Keeping in mind that some of our Minnesota friends would encourage otherwise, we decided to check a few BBQ places and learned there is a difference between sweet and vinegar styles. The quest for BBQ will continue throughout our nationwide tour.

Included in our tour of the area was a visit to the dam and fish hatchery in Branson. We didn’t fish but had a close up view of lots of them.

Who's looking at you, kid?
Who’s looking at you, kid?

Branson is a place for entertainment; so, I convinced Alan it was time to be entertained by someone else. We made it to three shows: Haywood Family (very good laser light effects and a couple of zip-line stunts), the Pierce Arrow show with Tim Storms (I sent my daughter a text message during the Pierce Arrow show letting her know not to answer the phone when I called. She’s the one who researched and told us about Tim Storms being in the Guiness Book of World Records for singing the lowest bass note. Of course Alan said she could just have easily tried You Tube – not as fun for me, though); and, a favorite of people offering recommendations – the Shoji Tabuchi show (not as good as expected).

Pierce Arrow Lazer and Zipline Fun
Pierce Arrow Lazer and Zipline Fun

If traffic in Las Vegas is as slow and geezerly as in Branson, I can’t imagine spending a week there!

Favorites: An amazing sunset, staying in touch with friends and family, exploring the area golf courses, and learning I am home.

End of Branson Sunset
End of Branson Sunset

We heard an interview with super model, Gisele Bundchen. Our ears are attuned to sound bites related to our current situation, so naturally we caught this: “With no destination, anything is possible.”

Onward – we thought there were hills in Missouri… well, welcome to the Arkansas Ozarks with narrow roads, high rolling hills, and no shoulders!


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

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