Crossing Tennessee Nov 12 – 13

We debated staying a few nights in Memphis and Nashville and taking in the sights. But, in the end, we decided to stay another day in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas and then just push through Tennessee to get to our new home in North Carolina with minimal hotels stays.  We stopped at the visitor center in Memphis for area maps and saw monuments for the three heroes of Memphis: Elvis, B.B. King, and Bass Pro Shops.


Rolling down from the Ozarks, we came to the plains of Tennessee.  Cruising along the interstate, we saw farmland, low rolling hills, and forests of pines and leafless deciduous trees.  The scenery reminded us of early October in Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin, complete with the occasional herd of cows out grazing.

B.B. King

We stopped for the night in Nashville.  On a recommendation, we went to a nearby restaurant for some good ol’ Southern BBQ but were disappointed by what appeared to be a pile of soggy pork from a slow cooker.  Good flavor but certainly not the tangy, smoky ribs we were imagining.  Our hotel was nondescript, although the biscuits and gravy they served for breakfast was pretty good.  More regrets at not having the time to explore a city with such rich history and culture.

Bass Pro Shops pyramid

Back on the road again the next day, we start climbing the Appalachians.  These were much taller than the Ozarks and offered spectacular views of peaks and valleys.  Crossing into North Carolina, Gypsy’s GPS directed us around Asheville and south to our destination, Lake Lure.  From the nice wide interstate, we are led to a road that is just barely 2 lanes wide and twists and turns through mountain passes and tiny towns.  Every bit as “fun” as the roads in Fairfield Bay and only 25 miles of this road to get to our first home in North Carolina.

Driving into the Appalachians

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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

5 thoughts on “Crossing Tennessee Nov 12 – 13”

  1. While you’re in Lake Lure, take a 20-mile day trip over the mountain to Black Mountain. It’s like a little Aspen (except without the snow — most of the time). It’s a quaint little town and there are lots of shops and great little restaurants.


    1. From Lake Lure we took the winding mountain roads North to interstate 40. That passes through but does not stop in Black Mountain. We have heard from others that Black Mountain is a nice place to visit or live. If we have time, we may stop to check it out.


    2. Hi Jerry,
      We did get to Black Mountain this week. You’re right it was a quaint little town with two breweries to enjoy nearby. I am ready to move there thanks to the amenities for seniors and a couple of yarn shops.
      Thanks for the note,


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