Lake Lure Reflections from Marylu

Lake Lure Reflections (Visited 11-14-15 to 11-21-15)

From Marylu

The title has a double meaning.  First meaning – Alan posted a great picture of a cloudy day in Lake Lure, Arkansas; but, I wanted you to see another side.

Lake Lure Reflections
Lake Lure Reflections

Second meaning –  In reviewing random jottings made from the beginning of the trip, I discovered some fun things that weren’t in earlier blogs.

  • Our mileage when we left Eden Prairie was 53410; today (December 4th), it’s 56054.
  • As we pulled out of the driveway watching our garage door close behind us for the last time, what song played?  Ray Charles’ singing:  “Hit the road Jack and don’t cha come back No more no more no more no more.”  Really, it’s true.  But, we will be back.
  • As we crossed the bridge from Arkansas and entered Memphis heading to Nashville for the night, the lyrics we heard were “Cross the Arkansas border by midnight, Next stop Graceland’s door” from the song Last Train to Memphis.
  • There is a town in Tennessee called Buck Snort.  I cannot say it without laughing out loud!

Although not a significant site, travel books suggested visiting the Old Cider Mill in Bat Cave.  The pictures pretty much tell the story – there’s a store with an old cider mill, there are Arkansas Black Apples (who knew); and, there are stick characters in clothing, for sale or not?  The store had lots of interesting local crafts for sale along with apples and apple cider. Not much more to see.

Bat Cave Old Cider Mill

Old Cider Mill at Bat Cave
Old Cider Mill at Bat Cave

Apple Cider Place in Bat Cave
Arkansas Black Apples




Chimney Rock Village was a bit more interesting and presented quite the challenge – the opportunity to climb Chimney Rock. We did it!!!  Well, with an assist from the park… per their website:   “known as the “Ultimate Stairmaster,” climbs 26 stories of stairs to the Chimney with rewarding views along the way.”  Yes, there were a few stops for “views” on the way to the top.

Chimney Rock from the Village
Chimney Rock from the Village
Climbing the “easy way” HA!







We made it - whew!
We made it – whew!

Back down the mountain, we visited the Flowering Bridge in Lake Lure.  In 2011, a bridge crossing the Rocky Broad River was in disrepair and was replaced by a new bridge.  Thanks to the community, volunteers paved a walkway on the old bridge and created a variety of gardens.  Although we visited in November, there were many plants thriving among the decorations maintained by the Friends of the Flower Bridge.  Such a great idea and an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so.

Flowering Bridge
Flowering Bridge
View from the Flowering Bridge
View from the Flowering Bridge
Lake Lure Flower Bridge Cute
Such Clever Gardeners

Next post – Asheville, North Carolina



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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

4 thoughts on “Lake Lure Reflections from Marylu”

  1. Ah, Buck Snort, TN. In 1972, Margaret and I (and three poodles) ran out of gas about a mile from there one evening on our way back to Eden Prairie from Albuquerque. Twenty four hours later, we hit a deer in VA!
    Am enjoying your blog, ML.


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