Marylu – Naples and Poinciana

I’ve forgotten to mention our mileage lately.  When we left Minnesota, it was 53410; on January 5, 2016, during our stay in Poinciana, Florida, it turned to 58178.

Getting waves of random thoughts lately – usually at night when I’m trying to settle into a good sleep.  I miss my bed…Happy we decided to bring our own pillows…Wish we could have stayed in Memphis and Nashville…Wonder what the buyer did to our house…Golf is going to be tough if I don’t get to sleep soon…Are we really going to live in Mexico for a month…Don’t forget to ask Jan about our 50th class reunionDid we put the nightlight in the bathroom…Where is the bathroom?

One advantage of staying a couple of weeks, as we did in Naples, it’s easier to find things including the bathroom in the middle of the night!

I loved the condo unit we rented.  It was fresh, light and had happy decor, to me that meant “joie de vivre” and a welcome-home feeling.

Happy, Comfy Home


Sign above the counter “Just Another Day in Paradise”


Relaxing on the Lanai
Relaxing on the Lanai

Our snowbird friends, Fred and Shari, planned a few activities to help us adjust to life in Florida.  Highlights of our two weeks included dinner at their place, dining out; dinner, bocce ball, and dominoes at “our” place with more Minnesota snowbirds,

Dominoes at Our Place

Dominoes with Snowbirds

Christmas Eve dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Alan (traditional for Alan),

Christmas Eve Dinner
Forgot to take a before picture!

visiting a brew pub (twice), swimming in the huge pool at our resort a couple of times, golf, bocce ball games, a carriage ride in downtown Naples to see the Christmas lights,

ML Naples Christmas
Naples Decorates Palm Trees at Christmas

went to see Star Wars followed by lobster dinner for me, and fireworks at the beach.  Wow – we did do a lot in two weeks!  Oh, laundry, always laundry.

If we were able to (affordability) and going to pick four states in which to maintain homes, I would consider some parts of Florida for a likely location.  There are lots of things to do, the weather can be great, and we could see our snowbird friends from time to time.  Hmm, make that six or more states.

After spending a week in Poinciana, Florida, I’m sorry to say it would not make the cut.  Our “resort” was more like an apartment complex with a tennis court and an outdoor pool, both of which were visible from the major highway running along the front.  There wasn’t much to do other than play tennis (we’re not players) or golf (did play twice).  We stopped by the Community Center to check out activities; unfortunately, there were just two – dominoes and quilting.  We thought we might meet people by joining in a game of dominoes – surprise!  There were about 7 groups of men having a blast, laughing, shouting in Spanish, and slamming the dominoes on the tables while tossing insults at their opponents. We watched for awhile and decided we’d never figure out their rules; we’re only on lesson three of our Spanish CDs.

Highlights of our Poinciana Week

Onward to Panama City Beach, Florida, and white, drifting sand.  We’re not expecting to snorkel, swim or sunbath as the weather isn’t going to be great.  At least we won’t be shoveling white, drifting snow … we hope.


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

3 thoughts on “Marylu – Naples and Poinciana”

  1. You’ll have to plan a trip to Minnesota so you can sleep in “your bed” 🙂
    Bryan had a great idea for you two. He thinks you should start a spreadsheet with all the pluses and minuses for each location so you can use it if/when you decide to plant your feet in one location for a while. Or do you have one in the works already?


    1. We are looking forward to coming to Minnesota in July or August, but you don’t have to give up your bed! Unfortunately, the only spreadsheets I’ve created so far – one for monthly bills (making sure we don’t forget one) and another to track our housing costs. We are finally remembering to take pictures of the living quarters to remind of which one was which! Most of the “resort” condominiums seem to be blending together. Of course, Naples stands out.


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