Boise, Idaho – Marylu’s Views

Boise, Idaho (May 31 to June 5)

Alan does such a thorough and well-written summary of our travels, that I’ve neglected posting anything myself.  Instead of a narrative, I’ve decided to add some photos with just a few notes sharing my perspective.

I chose this as my first picture because the clouds are great, some of the city is visible below, and it shows a notable Boise landmark.  The 60 foot tall cross at the top of Table Rock, has an interesting history.  The Junior Chamber of Commerce had it built and installed in 1956.  Due to continued controversy over its religious symbolism on public land, the Chamber of Commerce purchased a small piece of land surrounding the site in 1972.

Table Rock Monument, a Boise Landmark and Reference Point
Table Rock Monument: Boise Landmark and Reference Point

Throughout the city, and even here on Table Rock, most of the utility boxes have been painted.  Graffiti or art?

Table Rock Art Work
Table Rock Art Work

Hiking on Table Rock provided many scenic shots. Unfortunately, part of the mountain is being actively mined.

The rolling hills don't quit. As my daughter says: "It stretched your eyes."
The rolling hills don’t quit. As my daughter says: “It stretches your eyes.”
Table Rock Hiking
Table Rock Hiking
Alan Contemplating
Alan Contemplating the Big Picture

When we’re in a State’s Capitol city, it would be a shame to miss a chance to take a tour.  Beer later, I promise!

Boise Capitol
Boise Capitol
Promised Beer - Whew!
Whew! Promised Beer

On with the tours.  Off to the Basque neighborhood for music, food and beer, of course.

Mural in Basque Neighborhood
Mural in Basque Neighborhood

Visiting the Raptor Center –

Catching a rare breeze
Catching a RARE Breeze
Hoo you lookin’ at?

Then to the zoo, another hot day –

Looking for shade at the zoo
Looking for shade!
Posing at the Zoo
Posing at the Zoo








Beer time, but I left this hitchhiker behind –

Hitchhiker with Wings

Goodbye Idaho, it was fun.

Capitol Dome Tourists
Capitol Dome Tourists

Until next time!








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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

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    1. Hi Joyce,
      Alan thought the semi-selfie would be an okay practice. He hates being in pictures. We’ve been crossing Wyoming and Nebraska on the way to Minnesota; boy, the heat is chasing us across the country! Hope to see you in July.


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