Sioux Falls, South Dakota 6/24 – 6/30

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:  Population = 159,532, elevation = 1,418 feet, average January low temp = 4, Average July high temp = 86, average sunny days = 211, annual snowfall = 40.4”, annual rainfall = 24.7”, air quality index = 97, water quality index = 20, comfort index = 44

From Pierre, our route took us Southeast along the Missouri River and through the Crow Creek Reservation.  The river is wide and the banks are hilly with speckles of trees.   Oddly, it seems to me, most of the river is deserted.  There are a few far-flung farms here and there, but very few houses on the river.  Nobody is out fishing.

Tribal flags on the Missouri River Crow Creek reservation

We hook back up with Interstate 90 and put the pedal down.  The further East we head, the greener and taller the corn gets.  The bugs get bigger too.  Our windshield looks like a battleground.  It is about time for lunch, so we stop in Mitchell.  Of course, if you are ever in Mitchell, you have to stop and see what craziness is on this year’s Corn Palace.  Every year is different and this year’s is especially fun.

An interesting collection of bugs. Really messing up the shell collection.
Willy Nelson made out of corn
Elvis and many other rock stars, done in corn

Our journey started in Sioux Falls, where we dealt with the paperwork it takes to become full-time travelers.  We still had a few details left to resolve this time around, so here we are again.  We really like Sioux Falls.  For a town of its size, there is a lot to do and see and eat.  We can revisit some favorites and check out some new places.

In the Marine Cove
A resident of the Butterfly House
The Taphouse on 41st Street has a fine selection of beers and a great happy hour.

Phillips Ave. is the “trendy” street downtown.  There are very nice restaurants and shops and even a brewery.  Along the street is the Sculpture Walk.  Artists display their works for a year and the publics votes for favorites, which then win a prize.  All the works are for sale.

“Echo” by Osamede Obazee
“Jam ‘n Eggs” by Kimber Fiebiger

One of our favorite sculptures is a former Sculpture Walk entry, “The Potato Man”.  We kept driving past McKennan Park and wondering who that was on the corner every day.  Closer inspection revealed that it is a statue.

A permanent resident of McKennan Park

Our favorite tap house in Sioux Falls has to be Monk’s House of Ale Repute, where they brew Gandy Dancer beers.  The tap list is extensive and includes great selections of all types of beers from their own and other breweries.  Jerry, the proprietor, is an affable character with an encyclopedic knowledge of beer.


Nice town, Sioux Falls.  For me, it feels just about the right size.  It is big enough to have lots to do and small enough to not be all jammed up in traffic.  Big enough to have a prosperous and varied economy, small enough to have quiet little neighborhoods 10 minutes from downtown.  It’s just too bad that it has to be in South Dakota.  We have seen winters in Minnesota too many times to stay this far North.

Next up: Minneapolis


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

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