Coos Bay, Oregon  8/8 – 8/18

Coos Bay, Oregon: Population = 16,292, elevation = 23 feet, Average January low temp = 40.2º, Average July high temp = 64.5º, Average precipitation = 64.91”

The road from Eugene to Florence wound through the deep, dark and mossy temperate rainforest.  Giant trees formed a green tunnel filled with dappled sunlight that strobed across Gypsy’s windshield.  We emerged from the tunnel to glimpse mountains and rivers, and then ducked back in around the next bend.  Finally, the land flattened out and homes appeared: Florence.  This is where we took a left turn onto Highway 101 and headed down the coast toward Coos Bay.  At a little restaurant in Florence, we stepped out of the car and were hit by the cold wind.  Eugene was a blistering 95º; Florence was a windy, overcast 65º with a tinge of salt in the air.

Coos Bay is a horseshoe shaped bay on the lower Oregon coast.  The city of Coos Bay is on the land within the horseshoe, along with its neighbor, North Bend.  Highway 101 runs along the edge of downtown Coos Bay, providing a never-ending stream of trucks and tourists.  The trucks are moving product for lumber mills and seafood markets.

Get your seafood fresh off the boat, raw or cooked
At the Marina

The tourists are admiring the spectacular Oregon coast.  Every mile or two there is another scenic overlook or state park.  From high sheer cliffs showing the grain of the Earth’s crust to wide, flat, sandy beaches, the Oregon coastline has it all.

A foggy day on the coast
The sea lion chorus is hilarious! Imagine a thousand drunken hound dogs arguing.
Upended tectonic plates reveal layers of stone from millions of years ago
A little cold for swimming, but a great beach

Back in Coos Bay, there is plenty to do to keep a tourist (or resident) busy.  There is a brewery and a distillery.  There are many fine and homey restaurants.  On Wednesdays there is a Farmers Market that stretches 4 blocks long that features a wonderful variety of vegetables and fruits, handcrafts, clothing, and some great food trucks.

Good beers and a nice selection of pub grub
Handmade rum in a variety of flavors and strengths
The Blue Heron features excellent German food and fine European beers
A big, sloppy, delicious torta from Angelina’s
Shrimp and crab tacos from Millers
Fresh veggies at the Farmer’s Market

On a rainy, foggy day there are nice indoor places to visit.  We loved the Egyptian Theater, where we saw a show and listened to a Wurlitzer concert.  Just down the street are history and art museums.  And for a real treat, we visited the Cranberry Sweets Candy Factory.

Pharaoh guards the balcony at the Egyptian Theater
A 1925 Wurlitzer organ plays a whole band’s worth of instruments.
From the History Museum, a Fresnel lens that once topped a lighthouse
Not just tons of chocolates, candies, and flavored popcorn, but also free samples of each!

Coos Bay is a nice little town with plenty to see and do.  There are ocean tours and fishing boats.  Go crabbing or clamming on the beach.  There are many miles of hiking trails through deep forest and rocky shoreline.  Rent an ATV and tear-ass around on the dunes.  Or even check out the many little shops downtown.  If you like your summers cool and salty, this is a great town.

Next up: Eureka, California


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

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  1. I live in Coos Bay and have no idea where Angelina’s restaurant is. The torta looked amazing and I would love to have one. Can you tell me where they are located?


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