Oceanside, California   10/7 – 10/29 (Part 2)

Oceanside, California   10/7 – 10/29  (Part 2)

After San Diego, it is a relief to get back to Oceanside.  Here we have all that perfect Southern California climate without the massive traffic and crowds that infest the big cities.  True, Oceanside is still part of the supercity that extends from Tijuana to Los Angeles, but over here there is still some open space.

Oceanside is a multi-layer cake of a city.  The first layer is the beach and the downtown area between Interstate 5 (AKA “The 5”) and the ocean.  This is where California Dreaming takes place.  The beach is sprinkled with deeply tanned young (and a few old) surfers and beach denizens.  Close to the beach is a nice variety of food and drink, hotels and motels, beach gear shops, and lots of little “Quickie Mart” stores for overpriced liquor and beer.  Pretty much any day of the week there is live music someplace.  On Thursday and Saturdays, they have a Farmer’s Market.  On Thursday night they have a “Sunset Market” with an amazing variety of food tents, arts, crafts, produce, and music.  On weekends, the long-haired locals and the buzz-cut Marines mix together (mostly) without incident.

The sun sets on another relentlessly beautiful day
You can almost smell the coconut suntan lotion
You can never tell who is going to be on the Pier
Ocean Highway follows the coast for miles and miles
Get your tacos, BBQ, lumpia, pad thai, roasted corn, or ice cream at the Sunset Market

The next layer of the city starts North of The 5.  This area is a little more spread out, a little warmer and drier.  The hills get bigger and housing developments, all sporting red brick roofed faux haciendas, spread like melted ice cream.  Industries, big box stores, breweries, and strip malls start out here in the “inland”.  Freeways run like rivers to the ocean.

On The 5
East of the 5, North of the 78, heading for the burbs
Abbey style ale, that is
Happy hour at the Works
Another happy hour with some great beers.

The last layer of the city lies even deeper inland.  Tendrils of suburbs wend through valleys, following veins of freeway.  The hills have turned into low mountains, fringed with garlands of large homes, gloating over what must be a great view.  The open spaces become agriculture or golf courses.  The dense multiverse of greenery that thrives on the coast gives way to the high chaparral.

OK, but think of the view

This is also the area where the Missions were built, three centuries ago.  The Spanish clergy came to convert the local people, the Conquistadores came with them to make sure it stuck.  Or something like that.  Check your history books for a long and twisted history with the lands and people changing hands frequently.  We visited the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia and found a beautiful old building that has been lovingly restored.

Founded in 1798

A very rare wooden octagonal cupola

As you may recall, we have been looking for a place to settle down.  Using our lavish beachside rental as a home base, we scoured the area for a new home.  The more we saw, the more we knew what we wanted.  Finally, we found a bargain with everything on our list.  After two years of traveling around the country, we are going to be rooted again.  At least for                 the seven months of the lease.  After that…?

The view from our deck. I am going to miss the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air.

Next up:  Some thoughts from Marylu


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We are two recent retirees who decided to sell the house, pull up stakes, and explore North America. We are both being tourists and looking for the right blend of people, place, and geography that makes for the perfect place to retire.

5 thoughts on “Oceanside, California   10/7 – 10/29 (Part 2)”

  1. It has been quite a journey for you the past two years. I don’t know how you do it! It’ll be nice to have a home base again I’m sure. Hope you find just the right place to call home. You can always come back here of course…there’s so many here who care about you! Just kidding… I know…it’s too cold & there’s the snow issue!!
    Love you guy’s!
    Sharon & Bob


    1. Sometimes it doesn’t seem as though we’ve been traveling two years! Other days, mostly when we’re packing up and moving along, I do believe. It will be nice to settle in one place for awhile. Unfortunately, since we won’t be moving every week, we’ll have to wash the sheets and towels! When our lease is up, we’re thinking of going back to Minnesota for a summer visit.


  2. Oceanside sounds perfectly lovely….is it in the running as a new home? 

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    1. So far we are not sure where or when we will firmly plant our stakes again. The lease in Oceanside is 7 months. Then maybe Croatia? Spain? And probably at least a month back in Minnesota. But then back to California, maybe Oceanside again.



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